Eight new fashion designers to watch out for!

We all know fashion is ever evolving, I just recently found out about Rick Owens, being a fashion student I was very disappointed I had not heard about him, ever! I immediately researched him and fell in love. So I did some more research on new and upcoming fashion designers we should all watch out for just for our peace of mind. So you won’t miss out on all the greatness their is out there involving the fashion world.

69: 69 is a denim label from the United States, their concept is to be a “genderless” brand available for anyone, everywhere.

Fumika Uchida: Fumika is a Japanese brand that grew out of the popular vintage shop J’Antiques, even though there is not much known about it here, Fumika Uchida is very successful in Japan. It does incorporate many American elements, “modern interpretations of old world looks”.

Trager Delaney: “Trager Delaney’s real highlight is in the cleverness of the construction. Luxurious, thoughtful, and imaginative, Trager Delaney is the definition of wonderfully weird”.  The student from London’s Central Saint Martins has been out since 2012, but it still been able to reach popularity and success.

Julia Seemann: New indie designer from Switzerland has been making her mark, her style is described as geometric and splashy, but restrained. It is said to be half street car half sculpture.

Richa Aggarwal: Richi has been able to interpret traditional Indian pattern and craftsmanship with a sensibility. His designs incorporate beautiful mixed colors, patterns and layers.

Straeteas Carlucci: This brand from Australia has been able to redefine modern thinking while having timelessness. ” The dark-and-moody vibe of the brand might be at odds with the current fashion obsession with ‘70s silhouettes and light-and-bright colors, but the brand makes a compelling reason to stray back to the dark side.

Vita Kin:  “Vita Kin has really struck a chord with the international online style community. Her embroidered dresses, coats, and separates incorporate voluminous Ukrainian silhouettes and intricate folk design elements, and has already made an impact in the street style circuit, and still has no real website.

Collina Strada: known for its line of handbags, but has slowly been incorporating clothing into its lineup. Known for manipulating organic, soft fabrics into structured, geometric shapes, the clothes — like the bags — mix leather and chiffon, opaque and sheer, into a hard-meets-soft mash-up in the form of mix-and-match pieces that are fun to wear, too.



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