Digital Experiences to look at

In my recent Media Planning and Buying, I have to research a business entrepreneur by the name of Avinash Kaushik. In one of his blog post he talks about seven digital experiences that we need to study and understand why they are successful. In his blog post he names seven online websites that really have an incredible digital experience:

Songza: Smart Homepages That Anticipate and Deliver Delight

~ John Lewis: Thoughtful Cart and Checkout Experiences for Nonline Outcomes

~ Innocent: Passionate Copy and Heart-warming Visual Design

~ AAA Life Insurance : Truly Customer Centric “Convince Me To Buy” Experience

~ Shopbop: (Luxury) Ecommerce and Branding Done Right!

~ Security Choice: The Power of Conversion Through Transparency

~ Method: Amazing, Immersive, Love Evoking Brand Experiences.

He goes into saying that these websites have many variables that make it easy for consumers to find their products or questions to be answered. If you want to find out why check the websites out and see if they make it easy and create a digital experience similar to a the store experience.

Avinash Kaushik


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