The Rise of Animation Characters

In the past recent years the popularity of animated characters has risen. I mean we all know cartoons have always had a great following whether it be video characters, comic book superheroes, Disney princesses, etc. Not only have they targeted children and young adults but research shows that Millennials are really into the whole animated character market. In most recent news, Authentic Brands Group has created a mini Marilyn brand to target Millennials aged 17-34. “Mini Marilyn with her trademark blonde hair, beauty mark and red lips  wll come to life through 3-D and computer-generated imagery set to include feature films, television, short-form digital content, video games and live venue attractions”. (WWD)

“According to Jamie Salter, chairman and chief executive officer of ABG, the character will “empower young women to be confident, take risks and reach for their dreams.” (WWD)

Marilyn Monroe has always been a role model to women, to this day she is seen as one of the world’s most sexiest, confident and exuberant woman to walk this earth. She is the definition of confidence and sex appeal and think that this animated character will have a bright future in the market place. With the popularity of Hello Kitty and Disney movies coming back to screen women of every age are really loving and following these characters.



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