How Do You Follow Fashion?

Back in my English class we had to write an essay comparing and contrasting two subjects related to our field. Of course being that mine is fashion, I chose two write about fashion bloggers and fashion stylists. In my intense research of fashion bloggers I came across various websites pertaining to bloggers. I was amazed by the intensity of their dedication and influence in the fashion industry. So here I have a list of the top 5 fashion blogs that caught my attention and admiration.

1. Refinery 29. This website is my favorite it has everything fashion related like shopping guides, fashion news and amazing articles to keep you up-to-date on the must know of the century. They also write about health, fitness, wellness, beauty, and living.

2. The Man Repeller. I came across this website on my research for my paper and I loved it. This blog has everything I enjoy the most: fashion, humor, beauty, and trivia. I mean its all about fashion but its no fun if your brain has not been challenged.

3. College Fashion. I have been subscribed to this blog for awhile and its awesome. I can relate to it especially because I am a college student. Its articles pertain to everything college related plus being a fashion student.

4.Pinterest. Although Pinterest is not really a blog written by people, its written by you, personally. I think it is  a perfect start if you want to start a blog. You can follow all your favorite interests and likes.

5. Elite Daily. This website is not really a fashion blog but its articles are all written by students, professors and experts in the area. The articles range from any pop culture subject including fashion trends.


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